Pink Ball


Pink Hoops is our awesome GIRLS ONLY Aussie Hoops basketball program designed especially for girls between the ages of 9-12.

In Pink Hoops we practice: basic skills and fundamentals, rules and violations and we even play modified basketball games to transfer all these skills and rules successfully. It is aimed for all girls in Primary school from Grade 3 and encourages girls to play by training in a GIRLS ONLY environment increasing participation in a positive, encouraging and socially friendly atmosphere.

Pink Hoops trains at the Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre (30 Herbert St, Cambridge Park) on Fridays between 400-500 every school term.

To register, please visit:

For more information please call Jarrod on 4731-3252 or email:


“Hello, my name is Katelyn and I’m here to talk about something called ‘Pink Ball’.

Well, it starts on a Friday afternoon, 4:30, Cambridge Park! What is it? ‘Pink Ball’ is an awesome learn to play basketball program, just for girls, aged 6-12.

Our coach, Jarrod, is the only boy allowed. He’s really nice and very good at basketball! Sometimes, he can even shoot a hoop, backwards! Abby is his helper and she’s also very nice and is nearly as good as Jarrod.

This is the second term I have done Pink Ball; it’s a lot of fun, we learn how to play by the rules, but it’s not boring! We get to make friends with other girls, and we learn about teamwork, and why it’s so important.

Can you guess what we wear? A bright PINK t-shirt, with a picture of a basketball on it! It’s really great that we play inside, so it doesn’t matter if it rains, Pink Ball doesn’t get cancelled; not like my little brother’s soccer games. It goes for an hour, but the time goes so fast, because we have so much fun!

We often split into two groups, of the bigger and smaller girls. They can even lower the height of the hoops, because otherwise it’s just too high. We also hang up hoola hoops on the baskets, so it’s easier for the little kids to get some points.

Each week we learn a new skill, and then we get to practice it on the court. Then we play a game, so we can try out our skills and test our team work. Sometimes we even play a game called ‘Titanic and Sinkers’, it’s really cool.

So, if you are a girl, aged 6-12, like having fun, learning new skills, and want to have a go at basketball. You should try Pink Ball! It’s great!

But, even if you’re a boy, they’ve got you covered! They have different sessions, for 5-12 year old boys and girls.

Most kids sports, like soccer and netball, teach you the rules at training, then on the weekend, you have to try to remember what you learnt, and play the game, competing against the other team. With Pinkball, we spend lots of time learning the rules, and the skills (like dribbling, shooting techniques, teamwork, and other stuff). There isn’t as much pressure, and really, the best sport for kids is not all about winning, it’s about teamwork and friendship, fitness and fun.

If I ever want to play in a basketball competition, Pinkball will have taught me all I need to know. I’ll be ready, will you?”