Mega Ball



Mega Ball is our electrifying BOYS ONLY Learn 2 Play basketball program designed especially for boys between the ages of 8-12.

In Mega Ball, we practice the same skills as our Learn 2 Play program: basic skills and fundamentals, rules, violations and modified basketball games to transfer all these skills and rules into game-like situations successfully. It is aimed for all boys in Primary school from Grade 2 and motivates the boys to play and compete against each other in a safe and positive environment. Even boys who may be timid are encouraged to try their best and succumb to the competitive nature within them.

MEGA Ball is performed at the Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre (30 Herbert Street, Cambridge Park) on Fridays between 400-500 every school term.

Details for our MEGABALL program can be found in our Aussie Hoops/Learn 2 Play Calendar

To book and register a spot please call Jarrod on 4731-3252 or email: