Registration and Fee details


Senior      $125.00 plus 3.9% SportsTG processing fee Members 18 on or before 31st Dec

Veteran    $95.00 plus 3.9% SportsTG processing feeOver 35 in Masters competition only

Junior       $95.00 plus 3.9% SportsTG processing fee – Members 12-17 on/before 31st Dec

Miniball    $75.00 plus 3.9% SportsTG processing fee– Not turning 12 on/before 31st Dec)

U/8’s        $15.00 plus 3.9% SportsTG processing fee 5, 6 or 7 year olds on/before 31st December playing in domestic competitions

Other $20.00 plus 3.9% SportsTG processing – From 1st January 2018 this category now includes Referees (non playing)/Coaches/Scoretable/Statisticians/Managers etc. 

Aussie Hoops/Pink Ball/Mega Ball      To be advised

SECONDARY REGISTRATION FEES – To be advised – Under review due to the new SportsTG platform

For January 2018, secondary members will only be able to register for a one month period for a $10.00 fee


All Senior Games – $65.00 per game

All Junior Games – $55.00 per game

Pricing Policy:All of our prices are in Australian dollars (AUD) and include GST (Goods and services tax).