2016 Representative Award Winners

Congratulations to all of our award winners announced at the 2016 Representative Presentation last Sunday. Special thanks to the Sydney Kings Michael Bryson for presenting the awards. 2016-award-winners_michael-brysonDiv.1 Youth League Women – Players/Players Emily Potts, Coach Award Dominika Offner, Most Improved Chloe Bloom

Div.1 Youth League Men – Players/Player Sean Weekes, Coach Award Adam Lulka, Most Improved Shol Meshwang

Div.2 Youth League Men – MVP Brad McGrath, Best Defensive Gabriel Alvarez, Most Improved Josh Shephard

U18 Girls Div.1 – MVP B Salawu, Best Defensive T Offner, Most Improved T Mundine

U18 Boys Div.1 – MVP L Charlton, Coach Award T Charlton, Most Improved J Zalac

U18 Girls Div.2 – MVP O Schneider, Best Defensive G Kuypers, Most Improved T Smith

U18 Boys Div.2 – MVP J Rentoy, Coach Award A Mackay, Most Improved Z Mamo

U16 Girls Div.1 – MVP M Jefferson, Coach Award S Daly, Most Improved M Pennay

U16 Girls Div.3 – MVP H Heath, Coach Award H Smith, Most Improved G Bromilow

U16 Boys Div.1 – MVP R Estacio, Best Defensive B Williams, Most Improved F Swift

U16 Boys Div.2 –  MVP S Fuller, Coach Award R Almeyda, Most Improved M Vukancic

U14 Girls Div.1 – MVP C Graza, Coach Award C Lowe, Most Improved T Petterson

U14 Girls Div.2 – MVP E Palmer, Coach Award T Brown, Most Improved N Aguer

U14 Boys Div.1 – MVP S Caruana, Coach Award J Balagtas, Most Improved J Pares

U14 Boys Div.3 – MVP A Siega, Best Defensive B Schwarzer, Most Improved N James

U12 Girls Div.1 – MVP C Williams, Best Defensive S Petterson, Most Improved J Harrison

U12 Girls Div.3 – MVP G Blackwood, Coach Award H Bastin, Most Improved E Saab

U12 Boys Div.1 – MVP J Lovegrove, Coach Award H Turner, Most Improved J Hickson

U12 Boys Div.3 – MVP E Gacis, Coach Award J Gapido, Most Improved T Cooney

Junior Male and Female Representative Players of the Year – L Charlton and N Beaumont

Referee of the Year – Brendan Reid

Coach of the Year – Jarrod Moore